Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have a Party!

Create a social situation for your child (and yourself), by inviting a family over for a party! All children especially children on the spectrum need to gain social skills and the best way to hone skills is to invite a few people to practice with. The event doesn't have to be a six course meal in a perfect Martha Stewart house, just wipe down the counters and tabletops and have a potluck or a dessert party.

Invite a family or individuals that have similar interests as you or children (and their parents) that your child finds appealing. At the beginning of the school year Dylan (our number two child) fell head over heels in love with Mary a girl from his preschool class, so we invited their clan (three girls) for dinner.

Everyone actually ate, the adults chatted with minimal interruptions, and all three girls tolerated Tristan's constant conversation about Star Wars. Since that first dinner party we have had several with Mary's family and other families. Tristan, Dylan, and Liam have gain more social skills and we are uncovering the parenthood fog to discover that we actually like having friends and entertaining again.

party tips...
  • Invite friends that understand that kids may have behavioral issues and that will not be disturbed by your re-directions. Remember your kids are practicing their skills!
  • Keep it simply and have the kids help clean-up or make the food.
  • Make sure you put away any toys that are too precious to share.
  • Create a high interest social situation like play dough or our favorite pizza dough, so everyone can play together.
  • Buy a frozen pizza for the kids. Throw it in the oven and in ten minutes all the kids will be happy.
  • Have the kids eat first. Our kids eat fast and prefer kid food and our table only accommodates eight people (then the adults can eat in peace).
  • Then set-up a movie for after the kids eat. Sometimes we even have two movies playing for different interests.
  • While the kids watch the movie, the adults eat and chat (and drink wine).

Party Recipe


Corn chips with salsa

Cheese and sliced apples

Kid Dinner

A frozen pizza (half cheese and half pepperoni)

Sliced cucumbers

Adult Dinner

Green salad- lettuce, tomato, avocado, and cucumbers with a honey mustard dressing

Roasted chicken with red potatoes- chop one onion, one clove of garlic, and six potatoes toss with olive oil and rosemary and spread a the bottom of a baking pan. Peel about ten cloves of garlic and stuff under the skin of the chicken, then rub the chicken with salt and pepper and place on top of the potatoes. Bake at 450 until the juices of the chicken run clear about 45 minutes.

A loaf of good bread


Ice cream cones

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