Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ask Angela

Ask Angela

The Ask Angela section is printed in th Parenting Autism newsletter every month, so send your questions to angela@parenting-autism.net.

I have recently received a bunch of questions regarding potty training. I am not a master at this, I am actually pretty lazy. I don’t push my kids and Dylan and Tristan were both potty trained after the age of four. However it didn’t take much time once they were ready. To prepare for potty boot camp I (or sometimes someone at school) created a picture board with the sequence of pottying. Since Dylan can be very sensitive to having his own stuff, Dylan’s teacher made a picture board with his picture and name.

So, in our bathroom we have two picture boards— one for Tristan and one for Dylan. In the beginning of potty boot camp I will explain that I am not buying anymore pull-ups and they will pee and poop in the toilet. I give them the rules and the directions to follow and if it is all done according to plan a reward is given.

Now, they follow each step without prompting or help (or reward). Having everyone involved in the potty boot camp is the key to success— school, family members, and etc.
With both Tristan and Dylan I thought they may enter kindergarten in pull-ups but to my surprise they potty-trained within a weekend without much effort.

The keys were: being ready, visual supports, and a good reward (and maybe enough laundry detergent). Good luck!

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