Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blueberry Yogurt, really?

Tristan added a new food to his diet this past weekend.  Ya, we are celebrating because I can't even remember the last time Tristan added a new food.  I think it has been years.  Usually, Tristan discards a food item from his shrinking list of edibles, but his time he added blueberry,  Horizon Yogurt Tuberz.  Blueberry!  Can you believe it?  I can't, since Tristan's only fruit and vegetable he has eaten for the last 4 years has been hard (no bruises), green apples.  Maybe a red, Macintosh once in a while, but only if hunger hits and we are in an apple orchard.

I can just hear the screams, you are just dying to know his food list.  OK, here it is:
      • Manghi's whole wheat rolls
      • Chocolate Koala cereal, no milk
      • beef as a hamburger or in taco corn shells
      • Vermont Cure breakfast, maple sausages, but only at lunch time
      • Green apples
      • Corn chips
      • Plain potato chips (if we let him)
      • Pretzels
      • Veggie Bottie
      • Plain pasta with soy sauce
      • Brown rice with soy sauce
      • My homemade peperoni pizza
      • Green apple jelly beans (when let him)
      • Beef hot-dogs no ketchup
      • Fries
So, there you had it, the fifteen items Tristan will eat.  His occupational therapist and a nutritionist have been working with Tristan for about five years to expand his menu choices with minimal change.  He plays with food and smells different items (which he loves), but until now the therapy has just improved Tristan gag reflux.  Sometimes Tristan will even try to taste the food, but often it ends in a tantrum.

I have a theory on the Horizon Yogurt Tuberz, Tristan can't see what he is eating. In addition the texture is smooth.   No lumps, bumps, and-- no chewing.  I have tried freezing shakes or fruit to make Popsicles and Tristan refused, mainly do to how it looks.

Perhaps I will wash-out a Tuberz and insert some pureed carrots or strawberries and surprise Tristan.  He would probably catch-on to my deception, but it could be an idea. 

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