Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time for a change...

Today is a new day... at least for my blog.  For last three years I have been blogging on Blogger and I have finally made the switch to adding these words directly to my website.  I think it will be easier for readers to scan the Parenting Autism website for new stuff while also keeping up with my blog.  Two different website to maintain made my head spin which sometimes resulted in lack of writing. 

So, if you vow to come back here and read my blog, then I promise to write more often.  Got to run after some little boys.  Hugs, Angela


marry said...
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marry said...

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The Hair Family said...

I've been searching to find other mom's who are raising and loving their sweet children who have autism.
Thanks for your posts.We have son with autism and I need to be better at writing about our life. There is joy to be
Thanks again