Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The End of Summer

I have been fighting back the end of summer (probably with a light saver) since last week. Everyday for the past week, I would rustle the boys away from the computer by saying it may be the last time we swim outside or go throw rocks at the river. Vermont Autumns are historically beautiful weather with red flaming Maple trees that cover our mountains, but this end of summer has been the most difficult for me.

This was the first time in three years we decided to limit Tristan's summer services and stop the revolving door of therapists our house tends to have in the summer. Sure we were worried about regression and his Star Wars obsession, but we decided that our family needed a break. The last three summers the school therapist and the therapist we hired were in and out of our house daily which made our schedule too busy for long days at the pool.
So, we pushed back our fears of regression and hit the pool and the local beach and guess what the sky did not fall! Tristan even gained skills and I realized he learns more effectively from computer games than workbooks. For Tristan taking out the stress of the workbook and the social piece of have someone always by his side working with him and replace that with a computer worked for him.

Tristan was able to begin to recognize letters and numbers when using computer games instead of the workbooks or even the video his teacher and therapists produced for him. Letting Tristan have time to discover the video game on-his-own also helped by taking the social stress away.
As we dropped Tristan off for his first day at school, I realized summer is over (even though it is 80 degrees today) and the flexibility of jumping in the car and spending the day at the beach is over until next summer.

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