Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Planning for Camp Kaleidoscope 2009

Last Saturday we buckled into our Honda Civic Hybrid and zoomed up one of Vermont's many mountains (I should know the name), through the notch and back down the other side by the twisting road to Starksboro. Camp Kaleidoscope (the family camp for families touched by autism I can't stop thinking or talking about) lives at the Common Ground Center and planning for the June 2009 camp has begun with writing grant applications and fund-raising packets.

As the monkeys (my kids) played on the playground, Peter read for his class, and I met with the program director and co-director of the Common Ground Center. Our meeting focused on the sustainability of Camp Kaleidoscope while making our program available to all families, not just the ones that can afford the tuition.
As you can imagine Camp Kaleidoscope's budget is steep, not unreasonable but costly for a four day camp. We offer parents autism workshops and the kids a comprehensive program designed by speech language pathologists (SLP). Last year we were at capacity with 25 families, 25-30 SLP graduate students (our family partners), several community volunteers, and staff.
Not only does Camp Kaleidoscope give families a safe, camp environment geared towards autism, we allow our family partners the opportunity to practice what they have been studying while earning hours they need to graduate.
Whew! More will come in the following months about how we plan to reach more families... it's a top secret plan. So, get out your credit card and donate today to Camp Kaleidoscope! Or host a house party with all your friends in your community and we will come with our Camp Kaleidoscope stories, pictures, and brochures.

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