Saturday, September 20, 2008

Special Education Bail-out

The alarm rang (the three kids jumping on me) and I rolled over and opened my laptop to read the news of the day to find our tax dollars are going to bail-out Wallstreet and the investors behind the risky dealings. Some of these investors are hard-working middle class (like me and my family) who have a few mutual funds, but some are not, some are millionaires... I know the financial system was on the verge of collapse. My question to President Bush and the Federal Bank and anyone else who will listen is, so you can bail-out Wallstreet and rebuild Iraq and fight two wars, but funding special education at 40% (you promised, but never delivered) instead of the 15% (you now give the states) is too difficult to do, there is no money... uh?

Some experts say that the Wallstreet bail-out will cost a trillion dollars, yes, a trillion dollars, but tax payers can't seem to absorb the special education bill. Why is it that President Bush continues to use our money to fight wars and bail-out the private financial system, but can't seem to use our money to create programs that will help the "people".

Through out this country school systems are struggling to pay for an increase in special education and President Bush says "Sorry, it is hard times we have no money (for educating our children)", so you middle class can pick-up that bill and as a result "those" kids will continue to receive a less then adequate education.

I propose, President Bush now focus his attention and (our) money on what will directly help families and children in the United States and bail-out special education and while you at it, President Bush, can you throw some taxpayer dollars into the unfunded Combating Autism Act?

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faith77vt said...

Unfortunately, we have a truly and painfully socially irresponsible administration at the helm. Let's just not compound it by voting in in the one who's running mate (gov) cut the funding for ALL CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES in her state... but it's okay that her child HAS a a governor or former governor, OF COURSE all of her son's services will be mysteriously approved. Let's get the Dem's back in there...